Advertise with Us

We are committed to bold innovation in an ever-evolving media landscape. Y-ZINE offers an exciting and dynamic environment to advertise in, our business solutions span virtually any available platform, brands can reach out to our readers and followers through our digital site and across our social media spaces, including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

We provide website banner placement on our home landing and category pages, original editorial articles as well as social media posts. Available banner formats: wallpaper, leaderboard, billboard, interscroller, rich media ad, formfill and so on.

Brands can also explore creative buys such as photoshoots, video makings and illustrations, all of which are produced by our production team, as well as collaborations for events and workshops. For more information and media kit request, please write to 


Main Banner (Home Page)

The main banner regularly updates readers on our latest cover story and brand highlight. It could be in a visual or video (rich-media) format. As a prominent space on our homepage, it is the first thing they see when they access the site.


Advertisement Banners

These are the visual spaces on our website that generate traffics to your intended website, via an embedded link. We have a variety of banners available in different configurations and spots, to help you inform, notify and increase the awareness of your brand & product.