Welcome to Y-Zine! A brand new Chinese online portal dedicated to all people in love with everything that is a treat for the eyes.

We are open-minded, adventurous & fun enough for the discerning, the affluent, the ambitious who dare to think innovatively at this time of unprecedented change. We celebrate the voice of the new generation, combining modern self-media with traditional format to interpret the new fashion, beauty, art & life with our unique ideas.

To avoid it being too informative, we are straight-forward, putting words into handful of ideas, producing solid content works in the form of editorial shootings, fashion videos & beautiful photo sheets shot by the most in-demand photographers working today, interplay among technologies, images & sounds. It is about making things digital!

We value the diversity in people & ideas as much as in personal style. There’s no clear demarcation in fashion nowadays, you may dress up in whatever way you feel comfortable & confident. Style is subjective.


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